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Built in 1901 and surviving the infamous 1904 fire, the historic Alexander Brown building still stands today.

In the late 1700s, Alexander Brown emigrated from Ireland to Baltimore with his brothers, his wife, Grace, and their four sons, where he invested his extensive textile knowledge into his first venture: The Irish Linen Warehouse. As Brown’s trade routes grew, his markets expanded from linen to cotton, flour, wheat, and tobacco, and Alexander Brown & Sons became America’s first investment bank. With the help of his sons, Brown’s business extended to Philadelphia, New York City, and even London. Although centuries have passed, and Alexander Brown & Sons has since been purchased by a national bank, the Brown family still owns the building today.

Most notably, Alexander Brown & Sons funded the Baltimore-Ohio Railroad, as well as Baltimore’s first public water system — proving to be instrumental in Baltimore’s booming formative years.

Today, the Alexander Brown building still maintains its historic and architectural legacy, and we feel that within this gorgeous building, as in life, it’s not about starting over, it’s about embracing what you already have. The Alexander Brown Restaurant brings this stunning space to the next generation, for a new era.

At The A.B., we look forward to providing our guests from near and far a historic setting for modern conversation, phenomenal food, and worldly design. Although banking will no longer take place within the historic walls, The A.B. will deal in the currency of conversation and community.



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